Friday, April 5, 2013


In January we went to Medford for my mom's birthday and Addison's blessing we tried to get some pictures of all the kids together it didn't really work but here is what I finally got from my sister. I'm sure there is more but I took what I could get. It's so fun having nieces and nephews all close in age. The last one if my favorite LOL!

The Boys

Pretty in Pink



Pretty Girls

Preslie finally had it

Friday, March 29, 2013

Parker's Spring Program

Last Friday Parker had his 1st appearance in the Helen Baller Spring Dance Program. There was so many people that it was held at the Camas High School Gymnasium to add to the excitement. Each Class has a dance or thing they are suppose to learn. This year it all has something to do with APPS or videos games. The Kindergartners had dance dance revolution , there was also Mario Brothers, angry birds, and every one's favorite at the end was the teacher dance to "Gangnam Style"  Parker had a great time and had a great turn out of people who came to watch him preform. Thanks to the Lamberts, The Agee's and Grandma Katie who came to show their support. Here is a video and some pictures of his performance. It was in the back so it was kind of hard to get him.

Shamrock Run 2013

This year I decided to do the Shamrock run again but got more people to do it with me. I had a big group about 10 people from work and then my step-mom Darcie and her friends Summer and Michelle came up from Medford to do it as well. We had about 33 people total on my team with everyones elses friends and family so it was a great turnout for my team and am thankful to everyone who did it with me. Unfortunately my sister Bree didn't make it this year since it was close to our Vegas trip but she and my sister Tori as well as many others have assured me they will do it nexy year. Here are some pictures of all the fun!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet the newest member of the family

Trouser is the newest member of our family. He is a 3 year old reverse Boston terrier. He is white with black spots instead of black with white spots. He is potty and kennel trained and absolutely adores the kids. As you can tell from the pictures Dustin is his favorite. He is adjusting well to our family and teaching the kids responsibilities , like taking him for walks, letting him outside, getting him food and water but most of all snuggling which is his favorite. We absolutely love him and was a perfect fit for our family.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas

It's taken me a couple weeks to finally recover & catch up on sleep from my recent trip to Vegas. A couple months ago I was awaken by a phone call from my sister Bree who asked if I wanted to go to Vegas to see Tim McGraw  & Faith Hill at the Venetian  for my 30th birthday. It was a no brain er so we started to plan our weekend getaway. It was just the two of us and Bree has never been to Vegas , where do I even start. Its a whole different world there and so much to do in such little time.  I was so excited to show her a good time. We left on Thursday and spent most of the day traveling and getting our rental car. Once we arrived the car automatically drove into the outlet mall in search for the perfect outfit for the concert. We looked around for a bit then decided  to find our hotel but again the rental car took the wrong exit and we ended up at in-n-out burger. After dinner we made it to the hotel, checked in and set out on our way to get our tickets and see the venue. We harassed the lady working at the counter with our 20 questions but she was super nice and very informative. We then headed down to Fremont street where we Zip lined down old town. It was so much fun!!! After that we decided to call it a night but not before Bree's Krispy Kreme binge:)
The next day we headed out shopping again then got up the courage to ride the New York New York Roller Coaster. I remember Bree telling me to just yell and it won't be so bad. She lied I yelled so hard my throat hurt when we got off. It was not my cup of tea but We can say we did it. We decided not to buy the pictures because my mouth was wide open and Bree's head was down the whole time. Good Times!!! We then made a couple stops and decided to go to sephora and get some make-up but instead got our make-up done.The plan was for both of us to get fake eyelashes but once my "bat wings" as Bree called them were on she changed her mind. We then headed back got ready for the concert and had an amazing time. We were so close to the stage it was amazing. Ive seen them in concert 3 times and him 6 times and this by far was the best. I wish the concert was longer but it was still awesome. The came in from the side entrance and worked the crowd and came within a few people of us. A very intimate concert. After the concert  we were starving and we decided to head to dinner at the cheesecake factory in Caesar's Palace. After  and a long walk back to the hotel we called it a night.
On the final day we went through Madam Tussuad which is a bunch of celebrity wax figures. We even got to see Tim again:) Vegas was so much fun in such a small amount of time. I think it will be an annual trip,next time with both of my sisters. Thanks Bree for a great time and lasting memories next time maybe we wont run into so many crazy people. Tori be ready for your 30th !

Here are a few pics from our trip:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Visit to Medford

Last month we took a trip to Medford to celebrate my mom's birthday and be there when Addison was blessed at church. It just so happened that Uncle Tyson had a flight from Portland to Medford that we got to hop on Wednesday night so we got to spend some extra time with family. As you can tell from the pictures the kids loved the flight and Parker tells everyone he got to fly a plane. On Thursday night I got to spend time with my childhood friend Leilani who recently moved back from Illinois to Talent so it was fun catching up with her. I feel so blessed to have a great friend over the years who I can just pick right up from when we last saw each other.  Friday I had lunch with my dad and us girls got a sitter and went shopping for a couple hours to find the kids matching outfits  for pictures.  Saturday we had a party for my mom, the kids made a cute video dancing to "gangman style" and made pictures for decoration at her princess party. Sunday was Addison's blessing at church. It's always fun to go back to the ward I grew up in and see people my age with their families. We had a little get together at my grandma's Shades after the blessing were we attempted to take pictures but Preslie wanted nothing to do with. So after her massive tantrum we decided to hit the road. I love visiting my family, makes me wish we lived closer so all the cousins could grow up together like I did with mine. But for know we are happy where we are. I love my job, Parker loves school and we have our friends and family here.

Preslie saying "cheese" before we took off

Uncle Tyson and Parker getting ready for take off

Me , Dustin and Addison

My 3 favorite girls

Posing with Addison

The kids making cards for Nana

Dustin & Addison chillin on the couch while the boys played HALO

Addison on her blessing day wearing Tori's blessing dress
We have another busy month ahead Parker starts coach pitch in a couple of weeks, Preslie is going to try soccer with her friend Sunni and in a couple of days I leave for Vegas to see Tim McGraw & Faith Hill in their Soul2Soul tour at The Venetian in Vegas. Dustin will be coaching again this year and is excited that 6 of his players last year asked for him as a coach for this year.  Look forward to my next post my sister Bree has never been to Vegas so it should be alot of fun.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

what we've been up too

  Wow where do I even start? We've been a little busy the last month or so and Grandma April came to visit. Parker turned six, he had a Phineas & Ferb party with his friends and classmates on his actual birthday. Then that Sunday evening he requested  we have a family dinner and wanted  Grandma to make his favorite chicken fried steak. I can't believe he's 6!! Where does the time go?
  Preslie has been busy in her dance class and loving every minute of it. She was so excited that Nana Tinkerbell and Grandpa Joe got to see her dance at her dance class with her friend Sunni.
  Parker had a thanksgiving day program at school and my mom & step-dad Joe were able to attend along with Tami, April and Grandpa Kevin & Grandma Katie. He did great after practicing his lines for a week. He was front and center and the only one you could hear. We had a busy Thanksgiving with 35 people for dinner, the kids had a blast. We played games, ate great food and enjoyed the our company. My mom and Step dad came before and after Thanksgiving so it was fun to have a little time and Christmas with them.
  After Thanksgiving Preslie and I took a trip to Medford to see my family and friends and wait for the arrival of my new niece. We thought she was going to come early so only planned to stay until Sunday but she came a day later on Monday December 3,2012. She was born at 4:32PM and weighed 7lbs 3 oz and was 19 inches long.  I am so excited to have another niece and December birthday buddy. She is so adorable and very much loved by her Big Brother Brody. Preslie thinks she is her sister and I didn't want to give her the bad news so I'm just going to let her think that. She will probably be the closest thing to a sister Preslie will have. I enjoyed my time seeing family and catching up with my childhood friends Leilani and Ashley and Ashley's little boy Leo, he is so adorable.
  Last weekend was my companies annual holiday party and for the first year ever Dustin's was on the same night. Since his company is so small and he likes my parties better he came to mine. We had a nice night out and fun with all my coworkers. I truly am blessed to work for such great people.
  This week I celebrated a milestone- I turned the big 3-0! I woke up to my kids in a terrible moods but quickly turned when i showed up for work and my desk was decorating and was greeted by my best friend Megan and her two kids. A little bit later someone asked me if i drove my car to work like that today? I had no idea what they were talking about and was surprised to find out my friend had decorated my car too! Dustin got me a dozen beautiful red roses and we ate dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant so it turned out to be a wonderful day.
  Friday night we went to dinner with our friends The Lambert's and the Agee's to the melting pot. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. Dustin will turn 30 on Monday so we will celebrate his then.
  We are busy getting ready for Christmas and enjoying all the activities we love this time of year. I will try and keep up on my blog but can't make any promises. So Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Nana & Preslie

  Preslie & Sunni at dance class

Sunni, Preslie and Lane

Parker at his Thanksgiving Program
Parker enjoying his birthday lunch at chinese
 December birthday buds
 Brody & Addison
 Preslie & her sister
 Brody is the best big brother
 Addison Mae George
 My lovely desk
Cheers to 30!